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Taking pet photos of our beloved pets can turn out great, but too often, not so great. However, the good news is, taking awesome pet photos can be easily accomplished!

Below are some tips to help you in taking pet photos for showing off (and preserving) those adorable or funny moments.

Taking Pet Photos

1. First, some training goes a long way. Simple commands will help, such as stand, stay, lay down or sit are pretty easy to teach and will help in taking your pet pictures.

2. Taking pet photos while they are playing or relaxing works best. Don’t try waking up your pet for photo time! (Photos of sleeping pets are great too!) It’s a good idea to have your camera nearby at all times, not just the moment you decide is the time for taking pet photos. Take time with it.

3. Natural lighting is best. If there’s enough light, forget the flash. Pets often don’t like the flash of a camera anymore that we do. They might learn to run away when they see your camera come out.

4. If your pet is camera-shy, try being as discreet as possible by not making it obvious. Of course, with a cat this can be easier considering the attention span of a cat, but then again, they can be more wise to your ways, knowing that you are indeed up to something… it all depends on the personality of your pet. You can get great expressions just by saying the right word, in the right tone of voice, to a dog, but nice try with a cat.

When it comes to cats, go for a nice, sophisticated shot if he or she is a snob. (Remember, you want to capture the essence of your pet in the best possible ‘light’ . If your cat does not fit that stereotype, a relaxed, playful or ‘thoughtful’ look is great. That’s applies not just to cats, but all kinds of pets.

5. If you are looking for that thoughtful or playful look, have a friend or family member help. A string with catnip or honeysuckle works great for a cat, squeaky toys work well with dogs.

6. Stay patient. If you get frustrated, it’s time to take a break. This photo session should be a fun!

7. When choosing backgrounds, take your pets coloring into consideration. The less ‘busy’ the scene, the better.

Be prepared to take a lot of bad photos to get a really good one. Thank goodness for digital cameras!

Most of all see it as fun, not a chore and before you know it you’ll be taking pet photos others envy!

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