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About Sabina Sayegh:

I have always had a deep love affair with all animals which evolved in me owning a business as a “Pet’s Nanny”. As a child growing up in West Hollywood in the late sixties I raised a variety of pets which included two dogs and two turtles that we brought with us to this great country from the Mediterranean. At an early age I realized that pets made great friends. They continue to be loyal and are always happy to see us.

The idea for my “Pet’s Nanny” business came from me always begging to take care of the pets belonging to family members or friends even if they were not going away. I quickly realized that I always felt a real sense of enjoyment from those experiences.

In 1995 I thought why not create a business from my inherent love for all animals. I put a plan together and executed my vision to include reliable and friendly visits to animal lovers homes. With my many years of experience I know that pet owners have a real need to count on a loving professional to provide the best care for their pets in their home, one they can trust, charging a fair price. It seems many pet owners feel it is not fair to place the burden on family or friends while kennels in most cases are not an option. Kennels always seem like such a severe change from what pets are used to, almost like going to the pound. I remain eager to spend the time , needed, with your pets in the comfort of their environment.

Over the years, it has been a real pleasure to routinely visit all my furry friends. I am thankful to all who trust in me to do so. Your angel is my angel. My promise to you – is that I will always smother them with love, big hugs and kisses when you are unable to do so. Daily I find myself appreciating the simple things I call “happy moments” provided to me by your animals when you are away. Thank you.



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