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Socializing kittens is an enjoyable task when raising cats. Introducing them to kids, adults and other cats will make a huge impact on their lives. Being friendly and relaxed with people will improve the quality of their lives and yours! If you’re planning on selling or giving away kittens in a litter, it’s all the more important that you start right away.

Socializing kittens is not only enjoyable, it is oh! so very important. Before a kitten is ready to leave home she should have learned that people are good to have around. Petting, playing and good food all happen with people. Purring, not hissing brings these good things her way. Fortunately, cats are smart and observant creatures. It’s actually quite easy to instill this attitude in a kitten. It just takes a little bit of patience and perseverance on your part.

The socialization process can begin even before a kitten has opened her eyes. Pick her up and pet gently for a few moments then set her back down where she was. Your motions should be slow and gentle and your voice soft. Handle the kittens daily if you can. The mother will generally allow your attention to her kittens, especially if you give her petting and attention first. If she doesn’t like your interest in her kittens, or if she has hidden her litter somewhere so that you can’t find them right away, don’t worry. You can begin the socialization process later when they are a little more independent and still get great results.

As the kittens get older and start to toddle around under their own power, continue to regularly pick them up and pet them. Playing with them can also begin now. Slowly dragging a string will catch any kittens’ attention. Continue these sessions on a daily basis. You really don’t have to make a big issue of it. Just go over to the kittens at odd times of the day, whenever you have a moment. Be sure that each kitten in the litter gets some attention.

Introducing to and socializing kittens with children and other adults is a good idea. Expand their definition of people to be more than just you. Remind the children that the kittens are just babies and need to be handled ever so gently. Always supervise children around pets until they understand how to handle them properly.

By the time the kittens are old enough to leave for their new homes they should be relaxed and happy around people. Purring happily when they are petted and reasonably patient when picked up. If the kittens are to be indoor cats, then they should also be introduced to litter boxes and scratching pads or trees.

Socializing kittens makes for happy cats and owners!