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Have a pet safe Easter. All that good stuff, lovely flowers, wonderful food and special treats! So hard to resist.

With that in mind, I wanted to put out a quick warning of five clear and present dangers for your pets over this Easter holiday.

  1. Chocolate – while most of us know that chocolate is toxic to dogs (poor things!) the darker and more bitter chocolates are the most dangerous. And it’s not just candy, it’s chocolate anything… cake, pudding, cookies, pies, and even chocolate coated coffee beans.
  2. Easter Lilies – too many people do not realize the Easter lilies (every single part of them including the pollen) are toxic to cats and can cause kidney failure even in small doses. If your cat is interested in your lilies, do everything to keep him or her away. A simple swipe at them with their paw can accumulate pollen that they will eventually be ingested as the clean themselves. Other types of lilies (and other species of flowers) are also toxic, so beware!
  3. Easter grass – Yep, that stuff you put into Easter baskets. You’re probably aware that anything stringy that a cat of dog eats can cause series issues. A stringy substance can get wrapped around inside them, causing constrictions. Keep it out of their reach!
  4. Macadamia nuts are also toxic for dogs.
  5. Xylitol – it’s a sweetener and it’s in a lot of food items, not just “sugar-free” candies and gums. If you’re diabetic, you probably have heard about this sweetener as it is often in products designed for those who suffer from that disease. That’s one reason why it’s found in so many foods, even foods like peanut butter and protein bars. While xylitol is considered safe for people, it is seriously dangerous to your pets.

Keep these dangers in mind and have a pet safe Easter. And I wish you a wonderful Easter, too!

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