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We treat our pets like family because they are and if you’re into holistic living at all you might just be interested in pet natural remedies, so that’s what I’m writing about today.

Have you ever thought about pet natural remedies?

Medicine for pets can have side effects. Just like us, minimizing the side effects while they recover is a top concern. One way to do that is by using pet natural remedies.

Maybe you don’t know of any pet natural remedies. I have a few that I think you’re going to like hearing about! I’m not talking about serious health issues here so keep that in mind and always check with your veterinarian before using any non-medicinal treatment.

Pet Natural Remedies

Has your pet ever had a run in with a skunk?

Cats and dogs can get into trouble from time to time while exploring outdoors, especially in the woods. And, unfortunately, they do like messing with skunks. When your pet gets sprayed they will be horribly stinky. One way to help get rid of the smell is vinegar and water. Combine vinegar and water together and rub it all over your pet. Continue to pour it on and rub in until the odor is gone. Tip: Wear gloves to keep the skunk smell off of you.

Ear mites can be a problem but easily remedied…

It’s important to keep the ears of your pet clean. Bathing is a perfect time to do more than just clean their ears. Check for mites. If you notice any in their ears, apply a mixture of Vitamin E and almond oil. Squeeze a few drops into their ear and massage it in. To be sure you have covered the entire ear, use cotton tip applicators to clean all areas of mites. Tip: As a precaution, applying mineral oil can help keep mites away.

Bad breath making you turn away?

Yep! It’s a common problem. Pets can have bad breath. To stop the odor, brush their teeth. You can also feed them carrots (if carrots are part of their normal diet) to help clean their teeth.

Is continual scratching an issue? Two possibilities here:

It’s could easily be itchy, dry skin. Stop the urge to itch by giving your pet a bath in cool water and add Epsom salt to the water to help your pet find relief.

The problem could also stem from insect bites. Pet skin can become red and inflamed from insect bites. To stop them from scratching, make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply it to the affected areas.

Bacterial infection?

Any infection is caused by bacteria, even urinary tract infections A natural way to kill off some of the bacteria is to increase the acidity in the urine. Feed your pet citrus juices like orange and cranberry (good for us, too) to help reduce their discomfort and the infection.

Does your pet suffer from car sickness?

Don’t feed your pet before traveling. Food in the belly and motion can make them sick. Also, try putting your pet in the front seat. When they can see where they are going they can orient better. Tip: Crack the window to let in fresh air, as well.

After using pet natural remedies, visit the veterinarian for a follow up and be sure your methods are working well.