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Understanding the five cat senses. you may be able to better understand behavior displays and habits they develop. And if you are curious about your cat and how they function on a daily basis, this may answer some of your questions.

Do you ever find yourself wondering how well your pet can see or what their tastes are like? I know I am!

The Five Cat Senses:

As for your cat’s hearing, have you ever heard that your cat’s ears are similar to a satellite dish?  There are many pet owner and veterinarians who make this comparison.  What does this mean?  It means your cat has a good sense of hearing.  You may notice your cat turn their head and move their ears when you start talking or when they hear a noise outside.  This provides cats with the ability to hunt mice and other small rodents.

As for your cat’s sense of touch, all pets are like humans.  They have a fine sense of touch.  Whether you touch your cat’s whiskers, paws, or tail, it is a movement that she notices right away.  The most sensitive part of your cat’s body is their whiskers.  As a cat owner, you should already know how important a full set of whiskers are to a cat.  Your cat’s paws are also a sensitive area.

As for your cat’s sight, he or she should have good vision.  It has been claimed that cats see at one-fifth the intensity of humans.  Although cats cannot see perfectly in the dark, they are still able to make out distinctive shapes and movements.  Cats are able to see movement quicker than we are, though.  A movement that may appear as nothing to us, is a movement a cat can notice.  However, during daylight we have a better sense of sight.

Depending on your cat and his or her eating habits, you may assume that cats have a sensitive sense of taste.  After all, many cat owners report their pets as being picky eaters.  Although it may appear as if your cat is a picky eater, they logically aren’t, at least for taste reasons.  In fact, cats are more likely to pick and choose their food based on smell, rather than taste.

The sense of smell, is the most heightened out of the five car senses.  Cats have a much better sense of smell than we do.  In fact, did you know cats have about 200 million cells in and on their noses that are odor sensitive?  They do!  This is much more than ours.  In addition to using smell as a way to decide which food to eat, cats can also use smell to determine if an environment is safe to enter.  Smelling is also a method of communication for felines.  It has been said that cats can smell odors that we can’t even detect.

Now that you know the five main cat senses, you may be able to understand your cat better.  With that said, also be sure to use your best judgment.  If your cat is refusing to eat, it may be something more serious than them just not liking the smell.  If your cat appears to lose or have problems with any of these main 5 cat senses, you should consider scheduling an appointment with your vet.

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